Hello my beautiful friend,
thank you so much for visiting my world of creativity. I am eternally grateful for your time spent with me. 
WELCOME to Jamillah Shehan Studio (JSS). This is a black-owned business solely ran by me. All of the pieces on here are designed and handmade by me. My journey started in June 2020, during COVID. I was sitting in my apartment inspired by the many people I saw on social media who had a small business of their own. I knew if I was going to do the same, I had to be passionate about the product I sold. I wanted to try resin art for some time after discovering a resin community on TikTok. It looked easy! I gave it a try and immediately fell in love with resin. I was making so many pieces just for the fun of it, not entirely focused on creating a business at the time, and that's when I knew I truly found my hobby.
Jamillah Shehan Studio creates designs from the heart to your home. I want to encourage women who are homeowners, apartment leasers --you name it--to treat her home as her sanctuary because I believe the home should reflect our hearts down to the smallest detail of a coaster.
From my heart to your home,